About Us

We are Jennifer Eskridge + John Stowman. Jen is an artist with a knack for weaving persuasive narratives—a woman of infinite possibilities. John is a numbers guy with big vision and an even bigger heart—a man with elegant solutions. 

We come from different backgrounds but are united by the same goal: helping small businesses and local non-profits explore the best way to serve their customers, employees and communities. 

We believe that when you tap into the insights user experience offers you tap into the power of your community where we consistently have discovered that collaboration over competition sparks the most exciting and sustainable of innovations.  Working INK works with you to develop your business, team, or non-profit into a vehichle for accomplishing your mission and your dreams. 


Working INK brings a technical knowledge of the non profit funding, an insider’s grasp of lean launch strategies for social entrepreneurs, and a deeply human and empathetic approach to written narrative. Since 2006, we’ve worked to redefine the way organizations craft their own stories, missions and financial plans so as to reinvigorate their teams, strengthen organizational partnerships, and create meaningful relationships with clients.

We have over 30 years of combined experience in the nonprofit sector, and we’ve come to understand that diversified funding and differentiated narratives are essential for organizational survival and success. Multiple income streams provide a vital opportunity for organizations to become more effective and avoid the dependence and resource drain on single and/or traditional funding sources that can be altered or cut at any time.

In collaboration with others, our work has generated OVER $27,000,000 to benefit public programs throughout Alaska, including the University of Alaska Anchorage, Cook Inlet Tribal Council, Effie Kokrine Charter School, Cook Inlet Housing Authority, the Alaska Native Justice Center, Resource Center for Parents and Children, and the Resource Center for Parents and Children. We are deeply committed to the strength and integrity of Alaskan communities, and our work is dedicated to creating financial and collaborative partnerships that make community development a positive sum game with long-lasting and widespread impact.

Far too frequently, people with good ideas don’t have the time or resources to bring those ideas to life. We are the people with the resources and the connections— and we want to bring them to you. We can help you identify the resources you have, and craft the message to ask for the resources you need.

We’re here to create partnerships because our experience has shown us that collaboration is the only cure-all. Sometimes all a situation needs is the right connection for a project or idea to find it’s footing – we are here to help you make those connections, identify your strengths, your needs, and begin the journey of achieving your dreams.


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