Business Canvas


We work with independent entrepreneurs and intrapreneuers, employees within a company or nonprofit, developing a project like an entrepreneur would at their organizations request.
Using the business model generation canvas — as well as several other tools it has inspired— in developing your ideas for a businesses or value proposition (a new products or service).

Our Process

This is a hands on process for developing and testing business concepts, undertaken by this projects decision makers. It is their role to gather data – first hand – between sessions.
We will teach you how to get the data you need, meaningful (read honest not polite there) customer and marketplace feedback as part of your customer development process. A process that requires questioning your core business assumptions, gets decision makers out of the building, improves the way your team communicates, and gives a straight forward method for tracking your project’s progress.

Once familiar with the “pain points” and “unmet needs” of your target clientele, you can efficiently validate which ideas work to build a better concept before you invest in your new product or business.

We send you back out among your customers to validate your improved value proposition equipped with the tools needed to rapidly revise concepts, validate modifications, and design solutions for establishing the best model to launching your next venture.

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