Jennifer Eskridge

JENNIFER ESKRIDGE is a writer (of grants, essays and blogs), a consultant, a speaker, a mixed-media artist and an educator. In her creative and technical work alike, Jennifer is committed to authentic expression and communication that creates lasting change.

From 1997 to the present Jennifer has worked for nonprofits throughout the state of Alaska. She started Working INK in 2006, writing in both creative and technical capacities. Her prolific creative work has appeared in print in magazine and professional development guides, and her artwork is visible in homes and public spaces around Fairbanks.

As a speaker for students, teachers, and community members, Jennifer draws on her extensive experience as a Jewish educator, a Student Affairs professional, a writer, and an artist to engage audiences in conversation and exploration. Her various speaking topics have included:

  • On Your Own: What Wasn’t Mentioned in the College Brochures?
  • What Would You Do with a Gap Year?
  • Art Changes Lives, Let’s Start with Yours
  • Guerilla Art: Beautiful Acts of Resistance
  • A Historical + Human Look at Judaism and the Holocaust 

Jennifer’s speaking engagements are regarded as significant highlights by teachers and students because of her distinctive ability to speak with students, rather than at them, engaging their own stories and lives in the discussion, even when she is describing historical events.

In 2013 Jennifer and her business partner John connected with like minded professionals interested in creating socially responsible and sustainable enterprise. That spring they attended and won the 2013 Fairbanks StartUp Weekend. Startup Weekends are weekend-long, hands-on experiences where aspiring entrepreneurs are taught tools and introduced to others energized by the possibility of business as a tool of change.  When John and Jennifer won Start Up Weekend 2013 their vehichle of choice was a bicycle. For more details be sure to check out their presentation at PAC TRANS 2016.