Hourly Rate

On hourly projects, Working INK’s partners each work at a rate of $125 an hour, billed in 30-minute increments. Budgets for individual projects are calculated based on timeline estimates. 


The time needed for any given project can vary a great deal depending on the services required by you or your organization. Below is a summary of estimates by project type.

Business Visioning

Business visioning is usually completed over three face-to-face meetings with the client, as well as additional research and development.

We do an initial consult, in which the first 60 minutes allow us to hear your story and the second  60 minutes allow us to engage with and guide you to further shape that idea. 2 hours
We then develop a set of questions and potential resources to present to you at the second meeting. 8-10 hours
In the second session, we clarify what they have and what they need, and begin a draft timeline. 2-5 hours
Then we work with our community partners to make sure that is the right order of steps and resources, and that we best understand how that idea fits with existing institutions and models. 8-10 hours
In the third session, we present a clear statement of background, a timeline for moving forward (short term and long term), and a set of identified resources and referrals. 2-4 hours

This usually comes to 23-32 hours total, which usually equals a budget of roughly $4,000. This may be less if business visioning is involved in a larger project.

Business Canvas

We usually meet with Business Canvas clients for 3 half-day sessions. In addition, they receive access to the web tools, and electronic copy of the document and relevant data. This comes to approximately $2,100.

Note: Prices do not include travel or expenses.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning usually requires 3 half-day sessions with your core team, beginning at $2,100. This budget includes copies of all materials used as part of the strategic process, as well as quarterly coaching phone calls for the first year.

Note: Prices do not include travel or expenses Please feel free to contact us if you need support defining the scope of your project.

Funding Research and Grant Writing

Funding Research 30 hours $3,750
Organizational Analysis 20 hours $2,500
Fund Development Plan 40 hours $ 5,000
Letter of Inquiry (LOI) 20-25 hours $2,500- $3125
Grant Proposal (Federal) 90 hours $11,250

Business Writing

You should estimate a budget for writing to be based on our hourly rate, with this timeline equation:

Content / Narrative pages x 4 hours of writing, editing, and proofreading per page

Please feel free to contact us if you need support defining the scope of your project.

Consultation & Custom Projects

All consultation and custom projects are billed at our standard hourly rate. Please contact us regarding an estimate for a specific custom project.


Checks can be made out to:

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